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Executive Summary

The Octobotic NOC

Trademarked worldwide and copy written Psuedo code

Our diverse worldwide experience in various business political and religious environments has a vision for tomorrow’s fastest way to reach the world for members, advisors, licensors or licensees with a shopping, shipping and search morphing application that sets AliveAdvisor apart from the rest of the world’s applications.

The integration of morphing and other translational applications make our network proprietary and possibility patternable.

Integrating and over laying existing technological applications to the underlining of morphing applications sets the stage for the world’s leading cloud based global social advisory network and platform access by membership only.

Moses the “AliveAdvisor” “NOC” Octobotic virtual private encrypted social advisory portal, which will consist of a selected group of expert advisors worldwide.

The country by county representatives securing membership in the portal interest as the leading edge of virtual global technologies.

By utilizing select technologic companies’ development teams existing in the area of social, B2B, and conferencing technologies.

The sales technologies that will enable a protective client access to the fastest gateway to the world.

The global portals licensing strategic partnering and advice by an Octobotic social platforms will be reaching the world markets.

The Octobotic NOC will be driven by application fees, memberships and revenue sharing. The basic advisory services will be paid for through the exclusive worldwide advisory Octobotic encrypted NOC. will host a wealth of information utilizing internal advanced encrypted Octobotic search technologies.

By applying alive physical presence of membership agents on a global basis to advice on the strategic and global expansion of the client’s business.

Through and offering via uploaded data and bus plans into our Octobotical e board room for visual accesses of presentations prior to signing NDAs.

The membership affiliated program of experts worldwide will be approved and vetted by the alive advisor’s internal advisory board.

AliveAdvisor has already built a huge worldwide network of top class private network of advisors. With feet on the street in over seventy countries in several continents worldwide.

Our goal is create a propriety software coded encrypted integrated platform and Octobotic system.

The system is a virtual private alive portal with visual face to face, conferencing and social media. Also has a shopping and shipping technologies.

The core business model based on advice, license a representation and products sales revenues. This portal will be support by advertisers and sponsors as well as membership fees.

The bottom line services fees collected from affinity advice and licensing joint venture partnerships worldwide.

AliveAdvisor has studied the market and has identified and planned this network for several years.

The previous initial cost of building technologies in the past was exuberant and too costly as one company. Now that the technologies exists today.

The strategic integrated use of said technologies thorough strategic partnerships, joint venture or license exists.

This makes this business plan a win-win and a fast roll out. There is a need for an e global portal to advise and assist clients with their projects.

The Octobotic technologies will be alive on a global basis with a click of a button. The streaming video direct communications and messaging will play a part of the technological portal. The IP telephone and box type technologies will also support the back room.

The alike kind technologies will be integrated with tech like Face, Tube, Link, phone ,text, and others.

The network will be encrypted with technologies like silent circle and conferencing like a meet me room.

The Cloud based encrypted network will also be backed up with eventual a deployment of worldwide server technophiles for future use of a global private encrypted network.

The plans value from start is based on the existing millions of dollars invested and years of global experience knowing the world and the players in the world.

The plan is bullet proof as far as building out and selecting technologies and having the know how to implement the plan with the right capital and expert management.

The plans competitive analysis and comparative analysis as well as the valuation is base on existing business models that value from 300 mm to 40 bb like Legal Zoom, HomeAdvisor, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The global network will launch by and through existing contacts worldwide.

We will then expand once lit up to application by any and all experts advisors whom want to become an affiliated ,affinity member of our virtual global encrypted private membership select network of top notch Alive advisers worldwide.

Whereby at the push of a button your opportunities can be available for a private select global audience and ready for advise on how to implement as well as the implementation of your project.

The advisory services and platform template would look like Angie’s List and Home Advisor’s boiler template but on a global basis with fees attached and a Facebook, Amazon, YouTube type tech for presentation.

Then the distribution joint venture with sales technologies, tele-presence and others will enable such video capabilities supported by technologies that exist today or have been developed by us.

Plug and play integrated system very easy and not costly to build and create.

The goal is to use our worldwide vast expertise and relations.

Turning them into electronic online portal to eliminate travel, time and stress and security issues today.

That will enable one to reach the global by access as a member the fastest gate way to the globe.

The independent valuation of the plan described with the existing identified partners and ability to execute at once.

The know-how and world experience with time money and travel has already invested.

This takes out most of the risk of success although we still need to more affiliates, members and advertisers and to created fees and licenses and joint ventures.

The business plan has very low risk of being able to be developed.

The same goes for the implemented fundamentals of existing technologies and worldwide experience with global business in an array of business religious and political environments.

AliveAdvisor experience is second to none and he has the vision and the strength to roll out this network.

Through the existing relations and knowledge of said technologies these companies will provide the strategic foundation of the worldwide portal.

The impressible experience with over 40 years in working and developing worldwide business opportunities and execution on those opportunities.

This cost millions of dollars invested in the education access of global markets and technologies with contacts worldwide already established.

Whereby by he is sure he can rollout this program with proper capital requirements to integrate and market the service.

The estimates 100 million dollars of pure value out of the box in what exists today.

Combining the technological experience and global business expertise with sweat equity and hard equity invested of 40 years.

With the joint ventures and morphing existing applications and US based NOC.

With programming and software coding center and affiliates centers worldwide we have the stage set for a multibillion dollar company with the foundational principles to help better our society and better our world by use of technologies that are available via the internet any were on the globe.

Giving opportunities to business, religious and political parties and access to global network at a push of a button for AliveAdvisor.

Access Moses the Octobotic the Artificial intelligent assistant. cloud based morphing encrypted membrane. With a Block chain type powered processing ability to handle global transactions in multiples enhanced by certain payment platforms.

The future value is bright and achievable yet the full value is unknown but could reach billions of dollars comparatively speaking bases on the merits of competitive technologies and social platform.

Octobotic AliveAdvisor Executive Summary

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